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Why did Evan want to be in the medical field?

In 2018, Evan wrote in his blog:

"This past semester I took three science classes with labs, and it was an eye-opening experience. Before I can mention why I took those classes, I must explain the process of choosing Wabash College to study science. It began with an obstacle which at first seemed to be only a problem. Yet, the obstacle pointed me towards a future calling. Tearing my meniscus, cartilage in the knee, twice during high school sports filled me with rage. The first surgery and rehabilitation process went well but then it happened again. Amidst the frustration and chaos, I was able to find solace through the interactions with my surgeons, nurses, and physical therapist."​

"I felt a calling towards the medical field during my recovery process because of how I was treated as a patient. During my research and shadowing, I was instructed: effectively treating a patient not only as a client but as a human is one of the greatest skills a nurse practitioner/physical therapist can have. My greatest influence was my physical therapist, Dr. Andrew C. Malloy (and Rocky Balboa), because I learned how important human to human interaction is. In the grand scheme of the life, tearing one’s meniscus is not some Greek tragedy."

To help him achieve this goal, Evan was majoring in Spanish, with a minor in Biology. He spent the 2018 spring semester in Valencia, where he learned Spanish medical terminology. That summer he interned at the Merciful HELP Center in Carmel, and also at the Kaseman Community Health Clinic near Washington DC, where he translated for Hispanic patients. He was planning to attend Marian University after graduating from Wabash College.

In his memory, the Foundation will use funds from this golf tournament to establish a perpetual, endowed nursing scholarship at Marian University. Special consideration will be given to a student that embodies the Franciscan value of Dignity of the Individual, by demonstrating a commitment to serve the underrepresented.

Please join us at the 4th Annual Evan R Hansen Legacy Golf Tournament in July!

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