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The Evan R. Hansen Legacy Foundation

If there is a heartbeat, there is hope.



To Carry On Evan's Legacy

College and High School Scholarships

Community Service

Mental Health & Concussion/CTE Awareness

Scholarships & Information

As our mission states, working to provide scholarship aid to both high school and college students is a top priority at the Evan R. Hansen Legacy Foundation. In addition to providing scholarships, we also strive to provide internship opportunities through the Merciful Help Center.

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Our Golf Outing

The Evan R. Hansen Legacy Foundation Annual Golf Outing was started in 2019 as a way in which the family and friends of Evan Hansen could come together with the community to celebrate Evan's life and raise money and awareness for causes close to his heart.  The Evan R. Hansen Annual Golf Outing is our main channel of fundraising for the scholarships we provide.  Every summer we host our golf outing at Pebble Brook Golf Club in Noblesville, IN, and this upcoming July we will have our third annual outing.  On July, 24th, come out to honor Evan's legacy together, hear from great speakers, and, of course, have some fun out on the links.

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